Research Journal in Advanced Humanities is a premier peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary, open access journal that publishes research from the entire spectrum of the arts and humanities. The journal, which is part of Royallite Global, aims to make research and knowledge accessible to everyone, giving authors high visibility and readership for their work. The journal's wide-ranging aims and focus enable researchers to investigate related subject areas.

An international Editorial Board and a group of Senior Editors provide the journal with expert oversight as it runs. Our knowledgeable academic editors evaluate all submissions based on their own scholarly merit and level of research integrity, and they approach peer review with objectivity and constructive criticism. Metrics at the article level allow the research to speak for itself.

Research Journal in Advanced Humanities considers original research and review articles in the following sections and broad topical areas:

1. Culture, Media & Film
This particular section explores the expanding fields of media, communications, and film within the cultural spheres and their historical contexts. Cross-disciplinary viewpoints and those that address critical theory are both welcome in this section.

2. Cultural Heritage
Publishes works that span the entire spectrum of cultural heritage research, including archaeology, anthropology (including museum, heritage, and conservation studies), and the connections and subdisciplines that exist between and adjacent to these disciplines. Submissions of research and reviews that investigate various chronological contexts, global and local perspectives, and theoretical and methodological approaches are encouraged.

3. Digital Humanities
Digital technology has fundamentally altered how humanities researchers conduct research and interact with the outside world. Scholars are increasingly sharing their research online with an increasingly global audience, but larger resources and policies continue to animate and inform much digital humanities research. This section explores potential impact of information technology and digital media on research communities.

4. History
Covers the entire scope of historical research, from social, economic, and political history to cultural and international history. Researchers can investigate multidisciplinary approaches and perspectives to their research thanks to the section's broad chronological scope and geographical coverage.

5. Literature, Linguistics & Criticism
Publishes works on all aspects of literature research, critical analysis, and linguistics. National and international perspectives are encouraged, and the area seeks research and reviews influenced by a variety of theoretical approaches, as well as cross-disciplinary links in cultural studies, politics, sociology, and other humanities disciplines.

6. Philosophy & Religion
This sections aims to cover the full range of these fields of study and their traditions. Interdisciplinary research on religion that seeks literary, critical, conceptual, and historical approaches is encouraged. We welcome approaches to Western and Eastern philosophy, such as continental philosophy, pluralism, analytic philosophy, history of philosophy, ethics, and critical theory.

7. Visual & Performing Arts
Publishes extensive research in the visual and performing arts, as well as texts. We welcome submissions that investigate any aspect of performance studies and theories in relation to their broader interdisciplinary cultural and sociological contexts. Contemporary arts, exhibitions, music, dance, critical theory, technology, and theatre studies are some of the research areas.

Research Journal in Advanced Humanities considers original academic articles, review articles and critical essays in any of the following fields of the Arts and Humanities:

1- Archaeology
2- Conservation Studies
2- Cultural Studies
3- Cultural Anthropology
4- Film Studies
5- Heritage Studies
6- History
7- Linguistics
8- Literature & Criticism
9- Media Studies
10- Museum Studies
11- Philosophy
12- Religious Studies
13- Visual & Performing Arts
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