Celebration of African music and song at the First Aswan Music Festival



African music, Aswan music festival, cultural heritage, ethnomusicology, cultural preservation


African music is an epitome of the rich cultural heritage of the African people. This esteemed cultural heritage evident in the unique music genre found in the diverse ethnic societies in Africa must be celebrated, promoted and preserved to posterity. African music festival is one of the viable avenues of showing the culture and unity of Africans. This short commentary discusses the unique characteristics of African music, its status quo in the minds of the youth, and how music festivals such as the Aswan music festival can help ignite the love and passion for African music, educate the youth about the Afircan music heritage as well as help promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the African content. It argues that if African governments as well as private and public agencies assist in funding music festivals, it would help promote African music in global music industry and immortalize the rich cultural heritage of the African people.


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