Development of an herbal syrup using leaves extract of crassocephalum crepidioides


  • sonika Thoudam Thoudam ASSAM DOWN TOWN UNIVERSITY


Herbal formulations,syrup,physico chemical analysis, c.crepidioides.


The leaves of c.crepidioides is reported to have good medicinal values and used in treatment for various ailments in traditional medicine system.  The present  study was undertaken with an aim of developing an herbal syrup by using c.crepidioides leaves extract and to study overall acceptibility, to perform physico chemical analysis, and to study the shelf life of the develop syrup. There was four different formulations. First formulation consist of only leaves extract and sugar syrup in equal amount, second formulation consists of sugar syrup, leaves extract and orange juice in the ratio of 50:25:25, the third formulation consists of sugar syrup ,leaves extract and pineapple juice in the ratio of 50:25:25 and the last i.e. fourth formulation consists of sugar syrup, leaves extract and both the orange and pineapple juice in 50:25:12.5:12.5 ratio. Acceptibility trials of four sample were conducted by semi trained panels using 9 point hedonic scale and based on that four sample were accepted for further analysis. Storage of all the four sample were done by keeping them in air tight container made of plastic and glass at room temperature. Assessment of moisture content of the dry leaves of c.crepidioides was carried out and the result obtained was 4% w/w. The phytochemicals screening was also performed to screened some phytochemicals and flavonoid, phenol, tannin and alkaloid were found to be present. The DPPH free radical scavenging activity was investigated for methanolic extract of c.crepidioides and the result of the laboratory analysis show the IC50 value 2.64±0.019. Further the leaves was studied for its phenolic content and the result was 0.111 GAE/g. Stability test result found to acceptable and safe for consumption within 1 week only.


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