Simple epidemic peaks of Coronavirus Disease in UAE, 2020


  • Osama Rashwan University of Science & Technology of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates


In 1927, the Susceptible Infected and Recovered (SIR) Mathematical Modelling originally studied by Kermack and McKendrick (A contribution to the mathematical theory of epidemics’ in the Proceedings of the Royal Society London Ser. A), The paper became a classic in infectious disease epidemiology and has been cited innumerable times. Using the data offered by Ministry of Health and Prevention, the coefficient in the system of Ordinary Differential Equations that represent the United Arab Emirates’ SIR Mathematical Modelling of COVID-19, using Microsoft Excel, and MATLAB Software is used consequently to solve and graph the solution. The idea may be extended to be website calculator or a Mobile Application giving the Infection Rate Ro, the Contact Ratio q, and the Maximum percentage of population expected to be infected linked to the daily official data website.


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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention



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