Editorial Team

Prof. Rocco Servidio,
Professor in Social Psychology,
Department of Cultures, Education and Society
University of Calabria (Italy)

Brief Bio:
His research interests are in the areas of media and Internet psychology, with a special focus on the risks of problematic Internet use. Specifically, he is interested in examining the impact that the excessive and problematic use of technology has on mental health and psychological wellbeing. Additionally, he has also conducted studies in other closely-related areas such as: problematic smartphone use, online social networking and addiction and cyberbullying. His current research includes, among other things, the assessment of the psychometric instruments used in studies examining problematic Internet use, fear of missing out and problematic smartphone use. His other studies and areas of interest are on intercultural relations, especially topics such as immigrant acculturation, integration, and prejudice; and other topics like the cognitive and affective components that influence the destination image, and its formation in the tourist’s mind.

Research interests:

  • Intercultural relations

  • Risk factors for Internet and social media addiction

  • Cognitive-affective determinants of tourism destination image

  • Social Education

Editorial Board
Dr Sarah Likoko