Matumizi ya takriri katika uwasilishaji wa mashairi ya Euprase Kezilahabi na Kithaka wa Mberia



commission, parallelism, repetition and hopelessnes


This paper exploits the use of repetition as stylistic device in the poems of Kezilahabi and Mberia with the intetions of comparison. It comes out clear that some forms of repetition are commonly used by both poets. Repetition as a style assists the artist in the presentation of theme and on the emphasy. Moreover it brings out rhythm in the poetry works. This paper has illustrated broadly on various forms of repetition. Repetition as astyle, has always been used in poetic works. What comes out clear is that even the free verse poetry of Kezilahabi and Mberia exibits this style.  Kezilahabi works have some resemblance with the works of Kithaka Wa Mberia on the forms of repetition. It is also clear in this paper that parallelism is an example of repetition. Parallelism in free verse poetry serves a particular perpose.


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