Constitutional Equality: Mythical or Factual?


  • Ramila Rajpurohit Jamanalal Bajaj School of Legal Studies
  • Bhupal Bhattacharya Department of Law, Raiganj University, West Bengal, India


Equality, Equity, harmony, under classed segment


A very significant character of this paper is, that the researcher has made her painstaking efforts to stave off the curving of work to any particular segment. Every discussion and findings made in this paper covers every under the classed and unheeded section of society. Through, this piece of work researcher tends to bundle up the segments which are devoid of privileges provided in policies of Equality. Constitution of India talks about Equality, but in the real sense, the concept of equality is sketchy as provided in the Constitution of India. Legal jurisprudence provided equality incomplete without the essence of Equity. A Copernican question arises in the implementation is that “whether mere treating everyone equal is sufficient to bring harmony in society?” A general understanding of the scenario presents a different opinion to harmonize society. Equality will work only if it followed with Equity, in furtherance of it India needs to formulate numerous laws in required area.




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