Western African Literary and Cultural Studies https://royalliteglobal.com/walcs <p>Part of Royallite Global, <strong>Western African Literary and Cultural Studies</strong> is a leading interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research works across the breadths of Literatures and Cultural Studies. The journal has a mission to make research and knowledge accessible to all; authors, therefore, benefit from high visibility and readership for their work. The journal's broad aims and scope allow researchers to explore interconnected subject areas. Each article on this particular issue has been evaluated on its own scholarly merit and research integrity, and our expert academic editors take an objective and constructive approach to peer review. </p> Royallite Global en-US Western African Literary and Cultural Studies Use of chimeric expression as last resource of unfortunate situation in Calixthe Beyala’s C’est Le Soleil Qui M’a Brûlée and Tu T’appelleras Tanga https://royalliteglobal.com/walcs/article/view/809 <p>The study focuses on denunciation of unfavourable condition of African woman in the patriarchal system using chimerical language as tool for criticisms against man always being empowered whereas woman is made to perpetually bow down receiving all sorts of abuses. Over centuries, woman who is considered as a weak sex is now finding ways of dismissing the malicious prejudices that she is a weak sex. For the purpose of this studies, the two novels completely denounce the scrupulous manner in which women has been maltreated. It also throws more light on the struggle for emancipation around which the conflict of gender is situated. Women through the use of chimeric language do everything possible calling for change in the patriarchal system. The choice of feminine characters as protagonists makes the scene efficient and original of the real situation of African woman.</p> George Souk Dable Stephen Asamani Abire Copyright (c) 2022 Western African Literary and Cultural Studies 2022-05-09 2022-05-09 2 1