Research Journal in Advanced Social Sciences 2022-09-20T16:45:02+00:00 AMOS OJWANG Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">Part of Royallite Global,<strong><em> Research Journal in Advanced Social Sciences</em></strong><em>&nbsp;</em>publishes peer-reviewed research in all areas of social and human sciences. It encourages interdisciplinary research, fosters an environment for cross disciplinary research connections and also accepts a range of article types including reviews, short communications and replication studies. Through hybrid open access publishing model, it aims at bringing research and knowledge to the widest possible audience.&nbsp;</p> Examining the challenges faced by head teachers on Social Justice Education in Dagoretti South Sub-County primary schools 2022-07-12T12:55:36+00:00 Neddy Mundia Nanjowe Rosemary Mbogo Niceta Ireri <p>This study sought to examine challenges of social justice education (SJE) among primary school head teachers in Dagoretti South Sub-county. Consequently, the study sought to understand how head teachers translate these challenges to meaningful decisions. The study adopted a qualitative approach to data collection and analysis. A target population of 132 schools (113 private and 19 public) was considered. A purposive sampling, through key informant sampling method was employed and 12 participants were selected based on specific school variables of interest to the study. Data was collected using interviews after which it was coded, analysed and summarized in themes with the aid of MAXQDA 2020 software. The findings showed that primary school head teachers faced a myriad of challenges related to SJE. Though they addressed the emerging issues, they showed elements of insufficiency due to the complexities compounded in the matter. There is no direct, simple and clear panacea to SJE challenges. Eliminating SJE issues is an ongoing struggle that requires joint efforts of many stakeholders. The authors recommend education stakeholders to adopt a collective SJE solution bargain that will provide lasting solutions to the problem. Further, the authors recommend a longitudinal study to explore the factors that contribute to the achievement of SJE in schools. </p> 2022-07-12T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Neddy Mundia Nanjowe, Rosemary W. Mbogo, Niceta W. Ireri Relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention of hotel employees 2022-05-12T18:42:33+00:00 Mildred Nuong Deri Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan Theresa Domobalah Chireh Perpetual Zaazie Augustine Niber <p>Employees’ happiness is important for retaining hotel staff because of the nature of their long working hours. Grounded in the Fredrick motivational theory. The survey aimed to ascertain the association between “job satisfaction and turnover intention” in hotel operational staff in the Accra metropolitan area. Using the factor analysis data techniques, four main underlying factors including “pay, supervision, promotion as well as training and advancement” were found to have explained hotel employees’ job happiness in the Accra metropolis. The correlation analysis demonstrated a negative association between job satisfaction and the intentions for turnover. The recommendation to managers is that this situation can be address by paying hotel worker with good salaries/wages as their reward whilst creating opportunities for promotion.</p> 2022-08-04T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Mildred Nuong Deri, Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan, Perpetual Zaazie, Augustine Niber Potential socio-economic challenges facing small-scale sugarcane production in Bungoma County, Kenya 2022-09-20T16:45:02+00:00 Protas Fwamba Khaemba Philomena W. Muiruri <p>The sugar industry is an important agricultural sector in Kenya. In 1995, the industry had employed over 35,000 workers and supported over 2 million people in the region. &nbsp;The sector contributes about 16% to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. Despite of its immense contribution, its output is on decline, standing at 65 tonnes from 100 tonnes per hectare. This paper investigated socio-economic factors affecting sugarcane production in Bungoma County. The study is based on the Production Theory and Correlation Design. The targeted population was 5,838 small scale sugarcane farmers in Bumula Sub-County. The coefficient of determination indicated 67.5% variance in sugarcane output relating to the socio-economic factors of the study variables. The F value was 161.406 indicating that the regression model was fitting well. The mean variance of inflation factor (VIF) was 2.349. The study revealed that education level, farm size, land ownership, farming experience, incentives, record keeping systems, extension education, cane by-products and non-contracted cane farming had significant positive effect on cane output. Input cost was found to be a major contributor of declining cane output. The study recommends that poor cane pricing, lack&nbsp;&nbsp; of&nbsp;&nbsp; extension&nbsp;&nbsp; education and inadequate financing in the sugar sector be addressed.</p> 2022-09-20T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Protas Fwamba Khaemba, Philomena W. Muiruri Examining the role of counsellors on eating disorders in Ghana 2022-06-20T12:15:02+00:00 Adu Joseph <p>This study aimed at analysing effects of eating disorder associated with humankind, with close reference to Atebubu as the case study. The study further examined the counsellors’ roles to mitigate these effects. The study adopted qualitative design because the focus was not only to compare the frequencies but also simple percentages. The analysis took into consideration fifty (50) respondents as the population sample with a balanced gender distribution of twenty-five (25) women and twenty-five (25) males. The purposive sampling technique was employed to elicit essential information for the investigation. Unstructured interviews and observation were the data collection instruments. It was identified that counsellors as agents of change in human lives should effectively counsel their clients on eating disorders. It was also discovered that, eating disorders dragged many individuals into health-related diseases and eventually, disowned their lives. Finally, it was realized that the effects of eating disorders brought about complicated diseases and life-threatening issues. Since life is essential commodity, this study recommend that populace should know when, where and what to eat to ensure good health. It was very insightful for this study to empower individuals to realize the awareness of the effects of eating disorders and its repercussion thereof. </p> 2022-07-14T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Adu Joseph