An Assessment of Critical Issues in Freedom of Access to Information: A Systematic Literature Review with Special Reference to Kenya


  • Samuel Muthami Wanjiru Kenyatta University, Kenya
  • Daniel Muthee Wambiri Kenyatta University, Kenya


Freedom of Information, Access to Information, Right to Information, Right to Know


This paper documents a dicey subject of the right to know - usually a sweet-bitter one owing to the way it has been regulated, legislated and implemented both at the local, national, and international arena. It examines view-points and documented arguments whether freedom of information or freedom of access to information is an attainable reality or a fallacy. It highlights a broad spectrum of issues that impede or accelerate access to information which is the lifeblood of education, innovation, economic and cultural development. A number of constitutional, statutory, and policy provisions in both the global and Kenyan ecosystems are mentioned to illuminate the balancing act existing in addressing this right.



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