Visual Adaptation of Gender Violence



Gender Violence; Visual Media; Women Safety; Movies


With the development of society, we assume that there will be a reduction in violence against women. However, we are observing a rapid rise in the cases of stalking, eve-teasing, sexual harassment, etc. There are cases of such violence for both gender, but women make up most of the cases when it comes to various forms of harassment. Visual media have been instrumental in shaping society and bringing a significant change in society. However, the depiction of women in the movies has often been biased, objectified, and degrading. Also, often these visual media tend to glorify toxic masculine behavior like stalking, eve-teasing, resulting in people thinking such behavior is normal. This has led to an increased case of violence against women and decreasing safe space for women in the current society. To address the issue of gender-based violence, this paper focuses explicitlyon the impact of violence depicted in visual media and on the general population.


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