A Comparative Analysis of History Questions in Myanmar Matriculation Examinations


  • Yar Zar Chit Lecturer, Department of Educational Psychology, Sagaing University of Education


analysis, history, matriculation, specification, mark allocation


This study was to analyze and evaluate the history question papers administered in 2015 and 2016 matriculation examinations in Myanmar. History subject question paper was chosen to be analyzed among ten subjects. Qualitative research design was mainly used. The analysis of question was conducted by 6 steps: (1) calculating the marks allocation for each chapter based on actual teaching periods, (2) calculating the marks allocation for each chapter in questions, (3) comparing the marks allocations for each chapter between text book based allocation and questions, (4) exploring the marks allocation for each chapter in examination questions according to skill level, (5) comparing 2015 and 2016 history questions according to mark allocations and skill levels, and (6) constructing the tables of specifications for questions. Findings showed that the extra marks are 110 marks and it is above twice and above of actual given marks. Moreover, the questions are unbalance in content weights. Test items for analysis level are so few and there are no any items for application level. On the other hand, it shows that there are many questions for writing notes types. Most test items are simple and items for creative and critical thinking are not found. Moreover, it was found that there are some errors in objective items that do not follow the rules of constructing objective tests. Therefore, this study hopes that the teachers will be able to evaluate and improve easily questions by using the ways of analysis described in this paper.


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