Graphic design in Vietnam in integration and sustainable development

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Minh tri Minh


Graphic design is a type of fine art design (also known as applied art) that has only really developed strongly in Vietnam in the last one or two decades.  Due to its communication nature, Graphic design plays an increasingly important role and influences many aspects of social life.  However, at present, in the trend of strong economic and cultural integration and exchange taking place in the world, Vietnamese graphic design art has made significant progress, but there is still a lot of progress. Design products show plagiarism, copying, style mixing, ignorance, alienation from culture and national aesthetic language. Faced with the above facts, by a combination of survey research methods, expert interviews, combined with comparison with advanced graphics platforms in the world, the thesis evaluates the points of interest advantages, difficulties and causes of the aforementioned inadequacies of the field of modern graphic design in Vietnam. At the same time, from the perspective of the trainer, through the analysis, explanation, and discussion, some comments are made on the development direction of Vietnam's graphic design field in the coming period.


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Minh, M. tri. (2023). Graphic design in Vietnam in integration and sustainable development. Research Journal in Advanced Humanities, 4(4).

How to Cite

Minh, M. tri. (2023). Graphic design in Vietnam in integration and sustainable development. Research Journal in Advanced Humanities, 4(4).


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