Fraud Prevention


Through our extensive investigation, we have found out that about 80% of submissions by Iraqi and Pakistani authors are plagiarised. In our investigation, we have discovered that works published by major publishers such as Taylor and Francis, Springer, Sage, Elsevier are their main target. They use AI-based websites such as Quilbot, Grammarly to paraphrase the papers in such as way that they look very original. In addition to that, some of them who claim to be agents, have scammed so many unsuspecting authors with fraudulent acceptance letters, with an aim to make money. Research Journal in Advanced Humanities doesn't have nor work with any agent(s) in any part of the world.  To safeguard the integrity of the journal, the journal will not accept nor publish submissions from Iraq and Pakistan effective 28th February 2023. In future, authors from the two countries will submit their works through Royallite Academic Integrity and Research Reporting Centre for scrutiny.